Menu creation and management (through variants)

In the case of fixed menus it is possible to manage the insertion of the various courses within the order, without these affecting the final price. This operation is possible thanks to the management of the variants within the article master data (see also Creating and editing a product sheet VARIANTS sheet).

Suppose we want to create a menu of the day. The first step will be to create a new product that shows the name of the menu, the final price including VAT and the corresponding department:


At this point select the VARIANTS tab and then add_variante.png to add the first item that can be selected in the menu, for example the first course:


It could be useful, in conjunction with the creation of this first variant, to make the insertion of the element mandatory when creating the order. To do this, simply activate the appropriate function Mandatory.png .

At this point it is possible to add the dishes relating to the range by pressing the button pi__1_Portata.png and inserting in the "Name" field the article we want to appear in the menu, for example "Pasta pesto":


All you have to do is continue in the same way for the insertion of the following courses and products.

At this point, let's say we want to insert the possibility of choosing a specific drink and that this is already present in the price list for individual sale. Proceed as described above for the creation of the "Drink" variant:


By subsequently pressing on pi__Bibita.png you can proceed with the insertion of the drink in the list. This time, instead of manually writing the new entry in the "Name" field, we will select the "Linked product (optional)". The list of products already present in your price list will automatically open:


A search field will allow you to quickly choose the desired item, for example sparkling water:


This operation is very useful if you want to correctly keep a statistical track of the amount sold and possibly download the item from the warehouse stocks (see also Creating and editing a product sheet WAREHOUSE sheet).

Once the list of all the items on the menu has been created, we can also decide whether that particular product must always appear automatically in the order. It will be possible to do this by activating the appropriate button default.png .

Now let's see what happens in the command management phase (see also Creating a command ). Once the new order has been created and the "Menu of the day" has been chosen from the price list, as it has a mandatory door, the tab relating to the inclusion of variants will automatically open (see also View / Modify Ingredients and Product Variants ).


Once the products to be included in the menu have been chosen, they will be displayed as product notes and can consequently be printed on order:









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