Create and edit product Categories

The first operation to be performed for managing the price list is to create categories, within which you can enter your products. To do this, just click on the dots at the top right and enter the "Categories" section.

To add a new category press the button , enter a name on the right and possibly an index with which to define the display order of the categories themselves (the number 1 corresponds to the category at the top of the list, the following indexes will be displayed below).

You can choose whether or not to show the product in Cashier and Orders, by activating / deactivating the " Show in Cashier and Orders" switch.

Once you have completed the changes, press the button at the top right to save.

By choosing one of the categories in the list on the left, you can change it according to the previous steps.

By pressing the " Delete" button at the bottom , you can delete it.

To return to the Products module, just press again on the dots at the top right and select "Products", or simply on the "Products" item at the top left.




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