Creation and modification of raw materials

Raw materials are an important element for creating the bill of materials (WAREHOUSE tab in Creating and editing a product sheet ).

To access this section from the Products module, press dots.png top right and then on "Raw materials".


To be able to create a new raw material, press the key more.png and fill in the desired data to complete the operation.


Below are the individual fields in detail:

First name It is the only mandatory field and the one that will be displayed in the list for filling in the bill of materials.
Minimum stock The minimum quantity for which Scloby must notify you that the raw material is about to run out. In this case you will receive a report at the Cashier .
Unit of measure The unit of measurement can be assigned manually, we recommend that you report them on each product as uniformly as possible.
Cost It is the cost (excluding VAT) of the raw material and will determine the total cost of the finished product.
Supplier It can be selected from a pre-filled list in the Suppliers module ( Management and creation of Suppliers ).
Enable warehouse If enabled, inventory movements can be created for the raw material in question ( Movement Creation ).
Download on sale If enabled, every time a product to which the raw material is linked is sold, the relative quantity in the BOM will be downloaded from the stock.


To modify or delete a raw material, just choose the desired element in the list and change one of the elements indicated above, or press "DELETE" at the bottom right to permanently delete it.


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