Creation and modification of tax departments

NB with the recent updates of Scloby, the section has undergone some important changes compared to what is reported in the video guide above, however the main functions remain the same. For more details refer to the article below.


In this section of the Products module you can modify or add VAT departments. To access it selectmenu.png to access the main menu and go to the Products module, then select dots.png top right and then Departments .


On the left side of the screen is the list of active departments within your work environment. In this example screen, the methods have been customized so that we can give you some examples, but by default they show a generic name in reference to the corresponding VAT rate. Furthermore, with the arrival of the payments in XML7 format, it is indicated whether that specific department is associated with the sale of a GOOD, or a SERVICE, eg. (VAT 22% - GOOD).

It is possible to manage up to 20 different departments, to create a new one press the tato pi_.png .

The "Department Code" will be assigned automatically. It is simply a progressive which will continue from the last useful number and which will univocally correspond to that specific department.

Assign a name to the new department (Required field) and a possible regulatory reference if necessary.

In the case of 0% VAT, it is also necessary to indicate the nature code that identifies the reason for the exemption.


"Sale type" identifies whether what is sold is a GOOD, or a SERVICE.

NB As previously indicated with XML7 the field has become mandatory, therefore it is necessary to indicate it if the firmware of your tax recorder is updated to the version that supports it, both if you create a new department, and if you customize an existing one to the latest Scloby update.

The ATECO code is only necessary in specific cases, if you need to enter it, it must be reported to technical assistance.

The button Non_scontabile.png prevents a discount from being applied to the item associated with that specific department. This is the case, for example, of recharging prepaid cards, or gift cards.

The button Show_in_case.png finally, it allows you to hide any department in the cashier . The hidden departments will not be deleted, so they can always be associated with the products in the price list, but their use will be prevented in the case of sales made through the numeric keypad.

NB Any change in the VAT rate requires the configuration of the tax recorder. For more details on this procedure see Configuring the fiscal recorder .




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