Order management from external integrations and Automations


In case of integrations with delivery management applications, or autonomous integrations, it is possible to receive orders directly on the Scloby Orders module.

Click here to view the list of services integrated. You can also integrate your own custom ordering service through our API, here you can find the documentation.

A notification on the main menu, to the right of the Orders section, will indicate the number of orders received.


By accessing the Commands section, the same number will be displayed at the top right, next to the name of the command, or to "select command".


By pressing directly on the name, or on "select command", the list of open commands is opened. A new section called "External" will allow you to view the orders received. They can be managed like any other order ( Sending and modifying the content of an order ).


If you want to print the new order received directly, you can activate the specific function on Settings -> Automations .


To activate it just press mceclip3.png on the device to be used to send the print.


At the end of the session the function will no longer be active on the device, therefore the procedure will have to be repeated.

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