Action keys and product view changes

In the upper section of the Till module there are some keys that allow you to:

mceclip0.png Search for products within the various categories. An initial search will be made within the selected category. The "Search in all categories" button allows you to carry out a more detailed search.


enable the optical reader for Apple iOS devices (only visible on these devices). Press it and read the barcode.


Scan a barcode with your device's camera (only available on Android and Apple iOs devices with cameras).


Check the warehouse stocks of your products. The search can be done by barcode, product code, or name, through the window that will appear.


In case of synchronization of products from multiple stores, it is possible to activate inventory control for all enabled stores.

Open the cash drawer of the default fiscal printer.

mceclip1.png Carry out the daily closing. When pressed, confirmation will be requested to proceed with the operation on the default printer (More details on the section Selecting the document output printer )


Confirming the operation, the following will be notified at the bottom right:


Followed by the message:


NB only after receiving the message "Sending closing completed" will it be possible to close Scloby.

Make journal entries (entry / exit) and eventually enter and print additional notes as a reminder. The operations carried out here will be displayed in the Historical section -> First note ( Using the Historical First Note ), or in the Summary screen ( Summary of the day and daily reading ).


Below is the data required for the creation of the movement:

Date and time By default, the correct but modifiable data will appear
Bill To select:
In the drawer - for cash movements.
Outside the Drawer - for movements with Electronic Payments.
Guy To select:
Amount The amount to be handled
Description For more details (optional).
Motion note print If enabled, a non-fiscal document will be issued by the recorder, as a paper reference.


Select the price list from the list that will appear. During the creation of an article it is possible to assign multiple prices associated to the various price lists (GENERAL tab in Creating and editing a product sheet ). You can also hide or change the names of the price lists from the Settings -> General section ( Management and modification of the General Settings ).


After selecting a price list, if items have already been entered in the sale, you will be asked whether to apply the selected price list also for the products previously entered for sale.


By selecting "YES", the prices of the products will be modified, if they have a price associated with that price list.

View and order the products as needed, view "All products", or "Only available" in stock and finally view the Categories "on card", or "on grid".


NB The type of display selected will also be shown on the Commands module.

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