Opening of a previously created order

Previously created orders can be reopened in several ways:

1. Pressing at the top right on Select orders .


A list of open orders, still pending, will appear. You will only see the commands created by you in the MY ORDERS tab, all the TAKE-AWAY commands, all the DELIVERY commands, and you can always view those created by other users by selecting the ALL tab . Just press on one of the commands in the list to select it.


2. You can select the orders starting from Rooms and Tables , by pressing on a single or multiple order table, already occupied (Red).

Single order table


Multiple order table


This type of tables have no indication of the time elapsed

By pressing on the multiple command table it is possible to view all the commands created inside it, u each command can also display the elapsed time.



3. Finally, through the list view of Rooms and Tables , which you can find by selecting the icon mceclip0.png . Here you will be able to see the commands associated with the occupied tables, always marked in red.



NB In case of offline application it is recommended to work only on one's own orders, possibly through a single device, to avoid outdated data.


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