Advanced actions for orders

By pressing the menu button at the top right a list will appear, through which you can make some changes on the command, create a new one, or delete it.



New order

The creation of a new command will be requested. For more details Creating a command .


Edit order

It will allow you to modify the information entered during creation: "Name", "Type", and number of "Covered".



Merge orders

Select it to merge two, or more distinct commands. You can merge orders created by you, from the "My orders" tab, or combine them with those created by other users, choosing from the "All" tab. Select and confirm.


If both orders are already associated with tables, you will be asked which table to allocate the new order to.


Split order

In the event that, for a table with several seats, some people decide to go and pay their bill, it is possible to proceed with the division. By selecting this function, the list of ordered products is opened. the number of seats and products to be allocated to the new separate order can be chosen. The two orders can be managed separately.


Once finished, just confirm by pressing on mceclip2.png and proceed with the request for an account of the order just divided.


Associate a table to the order

This function allows you to associate a free order to a table, to move it from one table to another, or to separate the order from the table with the appropriate "FREE TABLE" button.

In the dialog that opens, just select a table from the list and confirm.


Delete the order

It will allow you to eliminate the command, then free the table, losing all information related to it. When pressed, a confirmation message will follow.



NB The orders deleted with the related products removed can be viewed on Analytics in the Orders section.

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