Create and associate a customer to an order

To enter a customer on an order, simply press the button Little man with_the __. Png .


In the window that opens, you can search for a customer by name, surname, company name, or fidelity. The customer (private or company) will be searched from the list previously created in the Customers module (Customer creation ).


Once selected, it will be possible to view:

  1. "Available credit": credit accumulated by the customer on a prepaid card, if the prepaid cards module is active ( Introduction to the module and management of prepaid cards ).

  2. "Total Spent": The total spent by the customer since it was created and associated with sales.

  3. "Points": total points accumulated by the customer on his Fidelity, if the Fidelity module is active on Scloby ( Introduction to the Fidelity module ).

You can also proceed with changing the customer by clicking on mceclip4.png , search for a new one, if necessary by pressing on mceclip5.png , or confirm by pressing on mceclip6.png .

If the selected customer has the "Shipping Address" field filled in, you will be prompted to select a
address or "No delivery", you can always add other delivery addresses by clicking on mceclip1.png .

Once you have entered the shipping address you will be re-proposed the selection, which once confirmed mceclip2.png it will also be printed on order.
In case the customer is not present, you can enter a new one by simply pressing mceclip7.png .


In this new window you can enter all the data necessary to identify the customer. The only mandatory ones are "name" and "surname" for individuals, "company name" for companies. The data entered here are also useful for the management of the take-away.

In the event that the customer at the end of the service, would like to receive an electronic invoice, just fill in the "VAT number" field and click on mceclip9.png , in this way an automatic change will be made from "Private" to "Company" and all the data for electronic invoicing will be entered, the only data to be filled in will remain "Recipient Code" and "Email pec", to correctly deliver the invoice . The data will remain recorded in the cashier when the account request is made.

To save the data and confirm the selection, press mceclip6.png in both screens.

The customer's name will be visible at the top right, under the name of the order.


With a simple press on the name, you can change the selected customer. With a long press, you will be asked to delete the customer entered.


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