Management of open sales and bill requests

To reopen a pending sale, or a previously saved sale, just click on the name of the sale in progress, or on "Select sale".

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From here you can see the list of sales waiting to be closed, including the current operation.


Each sale shows the name of the operator who created the operation and the date and time of the opening.

In the specific case of catering, it could be decided to prevent the use of the Cashier for a waiter, who clearly has access to the Orders section and can therefore proceed with the request for an account. The latter will be notified at the Cashier , by means of a specific message, to all users who can access it.


NB For more details on managing users and permissions, see Creating and managing new users.

In case you ignore the message, you can go to retrieve the pending sale as explained at the beginning of this paragraph. In particular, the sale coming from an order, followed by an account request, will be highlighted in yellow.


Alternatively, you can always select the sales in "account request" starting from the Rooms and Tables module. The table will always be marked with the same color.

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