Closing the sale with different payment options

Once you have entered all the items in your cart, you can proceed with closing the sale by selecting the payment method. You have three options to proceed:

Once the payment method has been chosen, the sale will be closed and recorded in the Sales History section.



With the key The sale will be closed immediately based on the selected document , recording the entire amount as paid in cash, with consequent opening of the cash drawer.



If enabled, the key , the associated payment will be automatically activated from the Settings -> General -> Preferences section (see also Managing and editing general settings ). Only if the integrated payment is successful, will the selected document be printed.

To find out about the payment methods that can be associated, see Exchange amount and payment methods through integrations .

Payments_Print_ receipt_document_commercial_or_invoice_with_payment_rapido_2.gif

NB If you have any doubts about changing the button, please contact Customer Service.



Payments_Print_ receipt_document_commercial_or_invoice_with_mixed_payment_2.gif

By selecting , you will be able to select all the payment methods previously set up.


Enter the amount and confirm it by pressing the button corresponding to the payment.

Alternatively, the entire amount, or the balance to be paid, can be entered by directly choosing the payment method.
If the amount to be paid in cash is exceeded, the change to be given to the customer will be calculated on the commercial document, which will also appear on the top of the screen.

Only when the total amount to be paid is reached, the button will appear at the bottom right , which will allow you to complete the payment.

In case of payment with POS integrated in Scloby by exchange amount, by clicking on the amount will be transmitted to the device. Once concluded, the selected document will be issued directly.

It is possible to have a maximum of 10 payment methods. When starting Scloby for the first time, the standard payment methods will be:

Cash mceclip0.png
Not collected
Credit cards

As regards the payment methods of Credit Cards and Tickets , further details will be requested to complete the operation. In the first case, the banking system:


In the second, in addition to the circuit, the amount of the ticket will be requested, unless it is entered first before selecting the payment method. In this case you will be asked to select only the circuit.

If the ticket has a barcode, you can also read it with the reader or press the button to do it from the camera.


In this screen it is possible to add new amounts using the button mceclip0.png , and remove them with a long press on the amount to be canceled.

NB To insert or modify the list of circuits, it is necessary to request it from technical assistance, by emailing .

You will find in-depth information on additional payment methods, their use and configuration in the Exchange amount and payment methods through integrations section .

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