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After the first attempt to output any document to Scloby, the application will ask you to select a printer and a document. We therefore recommend choosing the printer, selecting the desired document (in most cases the commercial document) and pressing the "Save as default document" button.

The window can be reopened by clicking on the icon top right. This operation can be useful for choosing a different document between:


NB the choice of the document will be valid only for the current sale. Do not select "Save as default document" a second time if you do not intend to make the change permanently.


Commercial Document

By selecting this document the sale will be closed with the issuance of the fiscal document, it will be possible to associate the options to this document:

  1. Courtesy receipt (or gift receipt): additional non-fiscal document, which does not contain prices. Useful in the case of purchases for gifts.

  2. Print Departments Only: Will print department aggregates, but not product names.


Electronic invoice


By selecting this document it will be possible to issue an electronic invoice (a fiscal printer is not necessary, but the internet connection will be essential), in this case, in addition to the two options indicated for the commercial document, there will also be:

  1. Print electronic invoice receipt: allows you to issue a non-fiscal receipt of the invoice issued, which can be left to the customer as a courtesy document.
  2. Transport document printing: allows you to issue a transport document associated with the invoice (to set this type of document correctly, contact our Customer Service)

If receipt printing has been selected, a message confirming the printing of the associated document will also appear when the invoice is issued:


NB If you want to make the printout of the receipt of the electronic invoice default, activate it mceclip4.png at least once and before confirming, activate "Save as default document".


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