Keyboard functions

When you access the Cashier, the first screen displayed will be that of the numeric keypad. You can call it up at any time by pressing the "Keyboard" button at the top left, or by selecting a product listed for sale.

Using the keyboard you can:

  1. Apply discounts or surcharges
  2. Gift a selected product
  3. Increase the quantity of a selected product
  4. Insert a generic product ( Sales Creation and Product Insertion )




Apply discounts and surcharges

You can make discounts, or surcharges, using the keypad to define the value in euros, or as a percentage, and then pressing one of the 4 buttons to the right of the keyboard.


Performing this operation will set a discount on the total sale.

NB to enter the value as a percentage, decimals must always be taken into account, eg. to enter a 10% discount, you will need to type in "1", "0", "0", "0".


If, on the other hand, before carrying out the operation, you click on the gray dot containing the quantity of one of the products included in the sale, this will turn blue and the discount will be made only on the selected product.


To remove discounts or surcharges, simply swipe to the left on the discount or surcharge line entered.



Gift a selected product

Selecting a product on sale will enable the "Gift" and "Merchandise Discount" buttons.

The "Gift" button will automatically transform the amount of the selected product into "€ 0.00", with the addition of the note "Gift" under the product.


Similarly, the "Merchandise Discount" button will apply a 100% discount on the selected product, with the addition of the note "Merchandise Discount Art.15 of Presidential Decree 633/72 (100%)" under the product.


In the first case, the closing of a sale with a "Gift" inside will require the issuance of a self-invoice because it is subject to VAT.
In the second case, however, the "Merchandise Discount" art. 15 provides that the product is not subject to VAT (for example in the case of promotions such as 3x2).


Increase the quantity of a selected product

Selecting a product in the sale will also enable the buttons

mceclip1.png Change quantity of the selected product
mceclip2.png Duplicate the row of the selected product

To change the quantity of the selected product, simply type the whole number of the quantity to be entered on the keypad.


To duplicate the rows of the selected product instead, just type on the keypad the whole number of the rows to multiply.





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