Create a new sale

From the Cashier module, you can create a new sale, simply by inserting a new item, this can be done in three ways:

  1. Inserting generic products from the keyboard
  2. Product insertion by reading bar code
  3. Inserting products from categories
  4. Creation and insertion of a new product


Product insertion from the keyboard

Inserting_generic_products_ into_ the_count_using_the_keyboard_2.gif

You can insert generic lines in the account, typing the amount on the keyboard and pressing the corresponding "department" key to assign the VAT rate. The VAT rates are preset, if you need to customize them please contact Scloby Customer Service.



Product insertion by reading barcodes

If a product has a barcode and this was associated during the creation of the product ( Creation and modification of a product sheet ), you can insert the article by reading the code with an optical reader, or through the camera of the mobile device.

If you have an Android tablet, read the code directly at the cashier . If your device is iOS, you will need to select the icon before reading the code .

To read a barcode using the camera instead, you will need to select the icon and frame the barcode.

NB Scloby also recognizes the barcodes produced by the scales. For more information click here , or contact Scloby Customer Service.


Product insertion from Categories

Before proceeding with the insertion, you have the possibility to immediately see the availability of the item in stock.


A colored dot will distinguish products such as:

image_4.png Not managed in stock
To find out how to enable the product in stock, go to Creating and editing a product sheet
image_3.png Available in stock
To load a product into the warehouse go to Creation of Transactions
image__2_.png Under escort
To set a minimum stock on the product, go to Creating and editing a product sheet
image__1_.png No longer available
However, it will be possible to insert it within the orders


It is possible to hide the products not available in stock by clicking on image__4_.png and selecting "Available only", you can find more details, in the help section Action keys and product view changes .

If the quantity of products included in the sale is greater than what is in stock, or if the item is already out of stock, the symbol will appear image__1_.png on the line of the product placed for sale. The article will be displayed as follows:


Here is the list of steps to perform for insertion:

Cash_products_ insertion.png

Select the Category and simply press on one of the items in the list. To increase the quantity, you can press several times on the same product, or swipe to the right in the corresponding line within the account.

Swiping to the left will decrease the amount.

Going under quantity 1 piece, you will be asked whether to delete the line, or convert it into a return . More details on returns go to the section of the guide Returns from sales made .


Another way to change the quantities is to hold down on the line of the product on sale. In the screen that opens, you can change the quantity, the single price, add a note, exclude VAT, give it a gift, duplicate the product line or delete it.

NB The "Notes" will be printed on the commercial document only if the specific option is activated in the Settings -> Printers section . For more details, see the Help section on Printer Management .


Creation and insertion of a new product

By selecting a category from the list above and pressing the key più_cassa.png it is possible to create, and put on sale, a completely new product.


In the screen that will appear it will be necessary to enter some mandatory information in order to complete the operation:

  • First name
  • Quantity (understood as the number of products to be included for sale)
  • Single price
  • Department (corresponding VAT rate)

After confirming the creation with the key spunta_cassa.png the product will appear directly for sale and will only be available for the current operation.

If you wish to proceed with the definitive saving of the product in the price list, simply activate the "Save in the product catalog for future use" function before confirming the creation. In this case it might be useful to add a possible "Barcode" or "Category" to which it belongs.

NB If the product is saved without indicating the category, it will be automatically saved in "No category".

During checkout operations, any messages regarding inventory may appear. Whenever a product goes into "under stock" status, this will be notified at the bottom right of the screen:


The same will happen when the product is no longer available:



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