Configure the fiscal printer in Italy

Following particular changes, such as the header of the fiscal document, of the VAT departments, of the payment methods, or more simply of the display message, it is necessary to configure the device through a specific procedure, in order to avoid any misalignments of the data.

Log in from the main menumenu.png to Settings -> Printers . select the fiscal recorder from the list on the left and then go to the SUMMARY tab, at the top right.


Run the device configuration by pressing the key configura.png immediately above and confirm the next request.


During the execution of the operation some non-fiscal documents will be issued (it is not necessary to keep them). When finished, a message will indicate that the operation was successful.

NB In the presence of more than one fiscal recorder, it is important to configure all the devices.

The operation can also be scheduled following a fiscal closure. To do this, select the recorder once again from the list of printers on the left. This time go to the SETTINGS tab.


Enable the "Configure at next closing" button and press SAVE at the top right. The last useful date on which the recorder was configured is always shown under the key, even manually.


NB in this case the configuration will be carried out only after the fiscal closure, therefore any changes will also be confirmed on the recorder only after this operation.

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