Printer management

Through the Printers module, you can manage and configure the settings of fiscal printers and orders. Access this section through the main menu .

NB Except in special cases, the operations described below are usually carried out by the technician appointed by us for the fiscalization of the device. If this module is not used correctly, it can lead to system malfunction or serious misalignment; we advise you to use it only after carefully reading the documentation. Alternatively, you can contact Scloby customer service to make any changes, in a guided way.


In this section, on the left side of the screen, you can see the access to the "general settings" of the printing devices. Immediately below, the list of available printers marked in blue for fiscal printers or telematic recorders, and in green for order printers.


The information on each individual card is explained in detail below, click on one of the items in the list to go directly to the card of your interest:

Printer Creation

From this screen you also have the possibility to add new printers by pressing the button .



Then select the type of printer you want to configure (for example fiscal printers) and then the manufacturer (for example Epson).


Choose a name for the printer to uniquely identify it among all.

NB It is important to choose a clear name, as it will be very useful in case of future problem solving (eg: cash printer 1, kitchen printer, etc.).

Then enter the IP address previously assigned to the printer and press save.png to confirm the operation. After saving, you will find the newly created printer in the list on the left. You can proceed in a similar way for the creation of the printer commands.


General Settings

In this section it will be possible to configure some general parameters of the printing devices. On the right side of the screen we will have the possibility to choose between TAX and COMMANDS .



In this tab you can immediately see a list of items that you can decide whether to print, or not, on the commercial document.


If the symbol is present Check.png the option is active and the relevant item will always be printed on the document. In case of changes, just click on the button save.png at the top right to confirm. Below is a brief description of the individual Options:

Enable ticket rest Generate a change coupon following a ticket payment
Print line notes Any notes added to the products during the sale ( Creation of sales and insertion of products )

Print long description lines in generated documents

Any description of the product, entered during the creation of the article ( Creation and modification of a product sheet )
Print sales name Name assigned to the sale, or to the order (Ex. "Sale 35", "Order 2", or other name assigned manually)
Sale barcode printing Barcode generated to trace the sale on the History -> Sales via optical reader, or manual typing
Print sale QR code in advance QR code that is printed when the pre-account is issued and which allows, by reading the code at the cashier , to automatically open the sale associated with the pre-account itself
Print customer details Customer data associated with the sale
Print seller Name of the seller, defined by the username used to log in to Scloby

Following will be the header lines of the receipt (mandatory by law) and that is all the information that will appear at the top of the commercial document.


The lines must show in order:

  • Business name
  • Address of the operational headquarters (not registered office)
  • VAT number
  • any additional optional information (e.g. email, telephone number)

At the bottom of this screen you will see a last table in which you can make changes on further details, such as the message on the recorder display, optional messages on the document, or the printing of a QR Code in the queue, connected to a specific link.




In this section of the General Settings there are only two options, which if changed will apply to all printers commands.


Here too, in the event of a change, the key must be pressedsalva.png 13 to confirm. Let's see below what these settings are for:

Do not print the contents of the output gear

Prevents the display of the product names present in the output


Fiscal printer settings

By selecting the fiscal printer previously configured in the list, it will be possible to access a series of contents divided into four different tabs.


Below is a brief description of each area:


OPERATIONS There are some DGFE reading operations, useful for tracing any previously printed documents
SETTINGS Fundamental settings for correct software communication with the cash register and for automatic configuration
DOCUMENTS The list of documents that can be printed, including clearly the commercial document and the non-fiscal receipt of the electronic invoice
SUMMARY A summary of all the data transmitted to the electronic recorder with the "configuration" operation: receipt header, display message, VAT departments, and payment methods.

The information shown in the SUMMARY tab comes largely from the General Settings .



If the information on this screen changes, it is always necessary to press the key configura.png to be correctly transmitted to the fiscal printer. The configuration is possible only after having carried out a fiscal closing. If it has not been performed, Scloby will ask you with a specific message to proceed with the operation.

NB the operations listed in the list require the intervention of technical assistance as indicated at the beginning of this paragraph.


Printer settings commands

The information on each individual card is explained in detail below, click on one of the items in the list to go directly to the card of your interest:


By selecting the previously configured command printer in the list, it will be possible to access a series of contents divided into four different tabs, the first of which is CATEGORIES.


in this first tab you can see the list of categories previously created in the Products (Creating and editing a product sheet). From here you can decide which categories can be printed on the selected device. The "Select / Deselect all" item at the top of the list will conveniently allow you to include or exclude all categories from the printout. Once the operation has been carried out, it must be confirmed by pressing the key salva.png top right.



The products tab allows you to view the products enabled for printing, not belonging to already selected categories. To add products within this screen it will be necessary to associate the product to the printer involved in its registry ( Creation and modification of a product sheet - COMMANDS )



In this section you can activate the devices whose content you want to copy. When the order is printed, the copy of the products of the previously selected printer will be displayed at the bottom right.



The settings tab allows you to change the connection data (IP address) and change its device name.


To modify the data in reference to the pagination such as:


Columns Depending on the printer used, the number of columns can be changed to ensure correct management of the frames.
Head space (Riga) Ability to decide the number of lines to leave blank, before the header is printed.
Queue Space (Row) Ability to decide the number of lines to be left blank, at the end of the order printing.
Space between products

The space that can be left between the product lines, here you can decide between:

  • A row
  • Nobody
Product alignment

Here you can decide between three options:

  • Left
  • Center
  • right
Hide border between products

By enabling this option, no frame lines will be printed between one product and another.

To decide the formatting of the command for:

  • Heading
  • Product list
  • Queued text

in order to change the length of the document issued, or to highlight certain information by varying the font size and deactivating the items not involved.


In this screen it will also be possible to enable the printer buzzer by activating the "Enable Buzzer" item at the bottom of the screen.

NB For some printers the buzzer must be purchased separately, depending on the printer it may be necessary to enable it through specific utilities provided by the manufacturer.

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