Specificications for loyalty cards

For the correct creation of a barcode relating to a loyalty card, it is necessary to follow some guidelines that allow an easy association of the customer to the sale at the cashier ( Create and associate customer on sale ). The barcode of the customer card must be created in EAN13 format and is composed of the concatenation of:

  • Prefix: identifies all the loyalty of a particular store and can be defined by you. Once defined, the same must always be used.
  • Progressive: identifies the single customer of a single store
  • Check digit: also called "check digit", it is calculated using a specific algorithm. Info: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Article_Number

Below is an example image:


For the barcode in question, the sequence of the various codes could be for example:

  • 5317542105267
  • 5317542105274
  • 5317542105281
  • 5317542105298

NB In order to avoid incorrect productions, or those illegible by the system, we recommend that you send some examples of fidelity cards in advance to scloby customer service. We are available by email, at assistenza@scloby.com.

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