Introduction to the loyalty points module

The Collect points service is an additional module that allows you to manage points campaigns through Scloby. Being optional, it has an additional cost that is added to the monthly fee. The activation request can be made simply by sending an email to .

Activating this module also allows you to have the synchronization of the Products and Customers modules available on multiple environments and, on request, access to the Prepaid Cards module.

To access the Points collections module, after making sure that your user has permission to enter this specific area (by default not active), just go to the main menu menu.png select Marketing and then Collect points .


Within this area it will be possible to search for customers for the management of the points acquired, using the appropriate search field at the top left.


After selecting the field, by simply pressing the enter key from the keyboard, the entire list will be displayed. Customers will be able to participate in the points campaign only if they have been previously assigned a code through the Customers module ( Customer creation ), possibly a barcode combined with a loyalty card ( Specific creation of loyalty cards ).

Using the icons at the top right it will be possible to:

letter.png Send by e-mail a csv with the list of customers and the relative purchase points for each campaign
wheel.png Switch to the campaign creation mode and associated rules (you will have access to this section only if your user is enabled to do so)


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