Creation of summary invoices

In the event that a customer asks to create an invoice at the end of the month, associated with a series of commercial documents previously issued, it is possible to create a "summary electronic invoice" from the History -> Sales.

NB Before seeing how to proceed with this operation, it is necessary to keep in mind some preliminary steps that will allow you to create the invoices correctly:

Creation of the summary invoice

By accessing from the main menu menu.png to History -> Sales and pressing the icon customers.png at the top right, you can proceed with the search for the customer for which to issue the summary invoice. We can also limit the search to the desired date range using the appropriate fields at the top left.


For example, if we suppose we want to issue an invoice for Mr. Mario Rossi, for the month of November 2019, the search result will produce the following:


By placing the flag on name.png at the top left you will select all the sales of the same type ("collected", or "not collected") made for Mr. Rossi.


By pressing the key riepilo.png at the bottom right a new sale in the cashier opens automatically, with all the products purchased in the individual sales.


Under the name of the sale indicated as "(RE)" the document "electronic invoice with uncollected consideration" appears automatically. Furthermore, the customer will already be associated with the sale.

NB The type of document is determined by the type of collection. For Mr. Rossi eg. "Collected" commercial documents have previously been issued, so the invoice is "unclaimed".

By pressing the "Create Summary Invoice" button the electronic invoice will be created and sent, which will have a progressive number following the last invoice issued and will be visible on History -> Electronic invoices ( Use of the Electronic Invoice History ). The total of an "electronic invoice with uncollected fee" will not add to the total for the day shown in the Summary screen ( Summary of the day and daily reading ), as the collection took place with previous sales.

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