View details, reprint a receipt, cancel and duplicate an italian electronic invoice

By accessing from the main menumenu.png in the History -> Electronic invoices , it will be possible to carry out some further operations:

View details

by pressing on the line of any invoice in the history (not on the flag), it will be possible to view the details of the sale on the right.


The products sold, the total spent and the payment method used are shown.

Print copy of receipt

From the same screen it is also possible to view the copy of the non-fiscal receipt of the electronic invoice, by pressing the "Printed documents" button at the bottom of the sale detail.


The document can be printed using the "Print Copy" button, or saved on your device in PDF format by clicking on "Save as pdf".

NB The copy will not show the VAT rates relating to the products and does not replace the electronic invoice, as it has no fiscal value. This is an optional courtesy document only.

Invoice cancellation (Credit note)

Also from the detail of the sale it is possible to proceed with the cancellation of the document. Just press the "Credit Note" button at the bottom of the detail. Once done, a list of reasons for which you want to proceed with the cancellation will appear.


Once the reason has been selected, the sale will be reopened in the cashier.


once all the data is correct, you can proceed with sending the credit note by pressing the Return / Cancel button. The Note thus created will have a progressive number following the last invoice issued and can be viewed in the History together with the other invoices. In this operation, any products managed in the warehouse will be restored with an automatic loading movement.

Duplication of an invoice

Duplication can be useful in case you need to reissue an invoice with the same content as one previously created. To proceed with the duplication it is necessary to start from History -> Electronic invoices, accessing from the main menumenu.png .

Once the invoice to be duplicated has been identified, it is necessary to click on the dots at the bottom of the sale concerned and then on "Duplicate".


Once done, the sale is reopened in the cashier . Check all the details regarding the customer and made any changes to the products, you can proceed with the completion of the operation as for any other sale.

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