View details of a closed sale, print a receipt copy and refund

By turning on from the main menu menu.png to the History -> Sales , and by pressing on the row corresponding to the sale chosen in the list, you can view its details and perform some actions.

NB do not check the box to the left of the row, but press inside the area of the row you want to select.


The " Printer Documents " button allows you to view a certified copy of the issued document, as stored by the DGFE of the electronic recorder. The document can be printed through the recorder, I saved in PDF on your device.


By selecting " Courtesy receipt", a non-fiscal document without amounts is printed (ie the gift receipt).

Finally, "Return / Cancellation" allows you to create a commercial cancellation document. After pressing the appropriate button, you are asked to select a reason to proceed.


By selecting "Incorrect receipt", or "Other", and pressing on spunta.png to confirm, the sales cancellation document will be printed directly. All other motives reopen the sale in case.


The sale can be modified to make eg. that only defective products are returned. For more detailed information on this operation, refer to the section of the guide Returns from sales made .

The relative amount will be reported on the tax closure at the end of the working day and transmitted by sending the payments to the Revenue Agency.


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