Cashlogy automating cash collection configuration

For the connection of Cashlogy with Scloby, it is necessary that there is at least one Windows device in the operating environment, once the Cashlogy has been done and connected correctly, the new payment method can be entered on Scloby.

Payment method configuration on Scloby

From the main menu of Scloby select the item settings -> General

Within the general settings, select "PAYMENT METHODS" in the bar at the top.

Here you will find the list of all payment methods entered on Scloby, in case of Cashlogy it will be necessary to set the payment method starting from ID 2 up to ID 5 (The electronic recorders to put the insertion of payment methods traced as Cash only among the top 5 methods)

At this point it will be necessary to choose the item to be replaced and select it by pressing the button mceclip3.png
and fill in the data by entering:

  1. "Name" field enter Cashlogy.
  2. "Type" field scroll down the list and select Cashlogy.
  3. Leave "Bundle name" field blank.
  4. "Schema name" field enter the IP address of the device.


Once finished, just press the button mceclip5.png .

The item dedicated to Cashlogy will be displayed in the settings menu in Scloby.


Once started, it will give the possibility to intervene directly on the back office panel


It will also be possible to manage the various permissions per operator from the "Users and permissions" section within the settings, and limit their use per user.



Once at the cashier, if the Cashlogy payment method is used, a new window will be launched where it will be displayed:

Amount from - Or "Pay" amount
Automatic amount - This is the amount paid
Pending - Remaining amount to be paid



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