Cashmatic automating cash collection configuration

Once the Cashmatic has been configured on the customer's network by assigning a Static IP address, it will be possible to enter the payment method

Payment method configuration

From the main menu select the item settings -> General

Within the general settings, select "PAYMENT METHODS" in the bar at the top.

Here you will find the list of all payment methods entered, in the case of Cashmatic it will be necessary to set the payment method starting from ID 2 up to ID 5 (The telematic recorders to insert payment methods traced as Cash only among the top 5 methods)

At this point it will be necessary to choose the item to be replaced and select it by pressing the button mceclip3.png
and fill in the data by entering:

  1. Field "ID" enter as previously mentioned an ID between 2 and 5.
  2. "Name" field enter Cashmatic.
  3. "Type" field scroll through the list and select Cashmatic.
  4. "Bundle name" field enter the Cashmatic communication password, otherwise leave it blank.
    ATTENTION: The communication password is not the same as the web interface, in case of communication problems we recommend contacting Cashmatic assistance to find out your password.
  5. "Schema name" field enter the IP address of the device.


Once finished, just press the button mceclip5.png .

NB At the end of the insertion, remember to configure the printer with the new payment method, Printer management .

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