▶ ️ Video tutorial for restaurants and bars

This section collects the videos in sequence for the training of restaurant, bar and other types of administration. For shops, another guide is available by clicking here.

1) The general aspects of the Scloby interface and the first access



2) Manage reservations



3) The organization of a table map


4) Manage orders related to rooms and tables


5) Advanced order management


6) Issuance of receipts and invoices


7) Consult previous sales


8) Check the sending status of electronic invoices



9) How to manage the product categories of your menus


10) How to insert and modify product sheets


11) How to manage the personal data of your customers


12) How to manage the personal data of your suppliers


13) How to create a summary invoice


14) How to create and modify users for your collaborators, limiting their permissions


15) How to manage raw materials


16) How to manage the warehouse


17) How to add or modify ingredients


18) How to manage direct and online sales channels (e.g. e-commerce, delivery, JustEat, etc.)


19) Operation of the settings panel


20) Changing the printer settings


21) Change of tax departments


22) The management of the first note


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