General aspects of the graphic interface

We have chosen to create powerful intuitive graphical interfaces, suitable for anyone who uses a smartphone, at least in basic functions. If you are not very familiar with these devices, don't worry: you can ask our Customer Service for a demo version of the application with which you can learn how to use the system in a fun way.


Menu principale

The main menu, always present on the user interface, allows you to quickly move through the various modules of the application. To open the main menu, from any screen, press the button at the top left with the 3 horizontal lines mceclip3.png.


The menu will appear on the left of the screen. Here you will find some information on the current work session, such as the name of the person logged in, that of the shop and current date and time, as well as a list of the various sections of Scloby.

To access a module, simply select it: by pressing for example on Till, the relevant module will be displayed.

Also on the menu, in the lower right corner, you will find the version number of the application and the icon mceclip4.png, pressing on the latter displays the information relating to the session currently active and further details on the network and on the device in use.


To close the main menu, simply press anywhere outside the menu.


No internet connection indicator

If the symbol appears at the top left it means that you are working in offline mode, that is, there is no internet connection. In this mode you can continue to work normally with the main application modules (Rooms and tables, Orders and Till).


As long as you remain connected to the wifi network of your restaurant, you can continue to use the printers connected to it.

The data is stored on your device, as soon as the internet connection is restored, they will be automatically saved in the Cloud.

All the other modules cannot be used in Offline mode, as the data is recorded and shared only in the presence of an internet connection.



By ending the work session you will disconnect from the system, i.e. from the device in use. No operations can be carried out without a new login.

To end the work session, open the main menu and then click on "End session".


Note:  Do not end the work session while using Offline (without internet connection), as you may lose some of the information.


Dialog windows

When a dialog box like the one shown above appears, the application communicates a request to continue with the operation you have started, such as deleting something, or daily closing. With the button the operation is canceled, the button confirm the operation. The button   it may not appear until you enter all required information.

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