Creazione e modifica dei tavoli

In order to proceed with the modification of the tables it will be necessary first of all to choose a room from the list. Once done, select through the button at the top right   the "Edit tables" option.

With the button at the bottom right you can add new tables or chairs to the map. Select the desired type to proceed with the insertion.


For each added element you can choose the shape, size and number of seats to be associated, and it will also be possible to choose the type of order management for that specific table (single, or multiple).


In the case of single orders, orders cannot be created on an already occupied table, as long as the order is not sold out and the table is freed.

With multiple orders, on the other hand, you can open multiple orders on the same table at the same time (this will allow you to associate one or more orders relating to people who are distinct from each other, as in the case of common counters or tables).

Each table in this mode can be moved by dragging it, i.e. by holding your finger on the table and moving it, without taking your finger off the screen.

To modify a table, transfer it to another room, or delete it, simply select it and click on the related icons at the top right icone_sala.png .

N.B. you cannot modify or move tables that are occupied (indicated with the icon ) or, that have open orders inside them.

By pressing the icon at the top left, the changes made will be saved and you can return to the room management mode.

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