Connection with hotel management PMS BEDDY for the charge in the room

From Scloby it is possible to charge hotel rooms managed with the Beddy PMS.

To make the connection it will be necessary to perform some simple preliminary steps that we will see in detail in this section.

First of all you need to create a new payment method, so selectmenu.png at the top left, to access the main menu and then go to SETTINGS, GENERAL and finally to the PAYMENT METHODS tab.


Create a new method by pressing the key pi_.png bottom right. In the tab that will open, Associate an INDEX by choosing one of those available. Write the NAME and the relative TYPE, to be chosen from those in the list (in this case "Beddy" for both). Finally, click on SAVE.png to complete the operation.


Now let's see how to manage the new method thus created. Select againmenu.png to access the main menu and go to the CASH module (You can of course access the module even after making the account request from the COMMANDS section).

Once you have entered the amount to be paid to the customer, select the MIXED method at the bottom right.


and then choose the previously created "Beddy" payment method.


The entire amount to be paid will be associated with this method, press the PAY AND PRINT button to complete the payment. Subsequently a screen will appear, in which to report the identification of the structure, available from Beddy.


Click on ASSOCIATE to complete the operation. The list of rooms previously opened on Beddy will automatically appear. Each element will contain a brief description with the name of the customer, the number of rooms, the dates of accommodation, the updated status of the balance and the total expense.


Search for the customer using the appropriate field at the top, or select them directly from the list below. Once done, a non-fiscal document will be issued, associated with the first of a possible list of open accounts, recorded directly on Beddy for the subsequent issue of the receipt or invoice.

For more details about the application, visit the page dedicated to the link .

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