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The promotions module allows you to associate discounts to specific products in your price list, according to specific rules, which we will see together in this guide. To reach the module, open the main menu using the key menu.png at the top left, and select MARKETING -> PROMOTIONS.


Within the first screen you will find any previously created promotions. For each of these, the activation STATUS will be highlighted (a green or red dot will indicate whether the promotion is active or not), the NAME, the number of associated ARTICLES, the VALIDITY period. Inside the SHARES column you will find in a button tre_puntini.png which will allow you to view a submenu related to the chosen promotion.


From here it will be possible to access the DETAILS of the promotion (the same operation can be carried out by selecting its name), activate or deactivate it, duplicate the same promotion, print the related labels (for details see the Print labels guide), finally delete the selected promotion.

To create a new promotion just press the button Key_pi_.png .


At this point, let's see in detail what data is needed to proceed with the creation.

By default, the promotion will be already active, as indicated on the appropriate button Promotion_active.png , but it can be deactivated at any time, without necessarily having to delete it.

Below, it is necessary to assign a name to the promotion according to the type of operation to be created (eg "Promo 3x2", or "Promotion on product of the week" etc.) and the date range within which the promotion will be active. If the period is not specified, the promotion will always be active. It will also be possible to indicate the daily time slot.

The "limit to days" option allows you to select the days of the week in which the promotion is active. Also in this case, in the absence of details, by default it will be active for the whole week.


"Required products" allows you to choose one or more products from your list, which must be purchased for the promotion to be activated. Selecting the field will open the related list.


The products can be easily searched through the appropriate fields at the top of the screen.


Just press on the symbol Product_addition_key.png next to the product to place it in the list of discounted items. You can also select the entire list using the function Add_all.png or remove them by the opposite operation Remove_all.png . Once the operation is completed, simply go back with the appropriate button back.png , the number of selected products will be updated accordingly.

It is possible to choose below whether to insert all the mandatory products, or only part of them, for the promotion to be activated.


The following fields allow you to make a series of restrictions on the application of the promotion. The first of these allows you to decide whether it should be applied for loyalty card holders or not. Selecting "None" the operation will be carried out indifferently for any customer.


Below you can decide whether to limit the use to specific types of customers.

NB The field can be customized by means of a specific request for assistance and can be associated with the customer from the CUSTOMER form.

It is also possible to choose whether to apply the promotion in association with certain sales channels. For further information on creating and managing channels, see also Creating and managing sales channels.


Allow activation only for certain points of sale within the chain.


Finally, only in the case of specific types of orders.


At this point it is possible to decide what type of promotion to activate. In particular, you have two options:

Percentage Discount A percentage discount applicable on specific products selected through the list.
Fixed discount or NxM A fixed discount in euros, or applicable to the purchase of a specific number of products.

Depending on the choice, it will be possible to define the discount percentage, in the first case, or choose the reference price list (see also Creating and modifying a product sheet and Managing and modifying the General Settings ) and the application threshold, in the second.

The threshold is the parameter that allows you to define the minimum number of products to purchase so that the discount can be made (eg if you want to create a 3x2 promotion the threshold will be 3).

At the bottom of the GENERAL tab, you will have a series of additional options that will allow you to define the details of the promotion created.


Let's see specifically what these functions are for:

Apply below the threshold the promotion will also be applied to products present below the previously defined threshold.
Apply only to multiples of the threshold The promotion will be applied only whenever the number of products inserted will be a multiple of the previously defined threshold.
Apply even if a different price list is in use The promotion will be applied regardless of the starting price list.
Do not combine with other promotions The promotion would only be applied if there are no other active promotions.

This last function will allow you to combine the various promotions created in order to define a specific hierarchy of rules.

NB the priority will be defined according to the alphabetical order defined by the names of the promotions.

At this point you can choose the products for which to apply the promotion by selecting the ITEMS tab at the top of the screen.


In this section you can view all the products in the price list to which a SKU code has previously been associated.

NB The SKU code is a fundamental data for the correct functioning, for further details on how to proceed with the compilation consult the guide Creating and modifying a product sheet .

The products can be easily searched through the appropriate fields at the top of the list.


Once you have chosen the product you can add it to the list of discounted products by pressing the button Product_addition_key.png to the right of the article. You can also select the entire list using the function Add_all.png or remove them by the opposite operation Remove_all.png .

Once the item or the list of discounted items has been defined, in the case of a promotion of the Fixed discount or NxM type , it will be possible to specify the value in euros of the discounted product using the appropriate field.


Once the operation is complete, press the button Check.png to confirm the changes.



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