Create a new customer

After pressing the button , from the customers section it is possible to access the creation of a new registry. Divided into three tabs.


In the GENERAL tab, all the main information will be visible.



The mandatory fields are "name" and "surname", in the case of a private individual, "company name", in the case of a company. This is because during the sale phase, it is possible to associate a customer with the operation even for the sole issue of the commercial document.


If it is necessary to issue an electronic invoice, we recommend entering the data starting from the "VAT number" field.


Once the number has been entered, a magnifying glass will be activated which will allow you to fill in the remaining data automatically if a match is found in our database.

NB The "Recipient Code" and "Email Pec" fields will never be filled in automatically, the information in question must always be provided by the customer .

At the bottom of the screen there is the "Loyalty card" field, through which it will be possible to associate any loyalty card to the customer (see also Introduction to the module and management of prepaid cards ), it will also be possible to insert a percentage discount. The discount will be made on the total of the sale to which the customer will be associated.


In the ADDRESSES tab there is the billing address, to be filled in all its fields in the case of electronic invoice issuance. This section will also be filled in automatically through the search by VAT number indicated above. It is also possible to enter any shipping addresses, which can be associated with the issue of Transport Documents, which can be created at the cash desk, in conjunction with an electronic invoice.

NB For the correct activation of the transport document, contact Customer Service.


In the OPTIONS tab at the end, some additional information can be entered.

It is possible to associate a price list, selectable among five different possibilities, from the item Predefined price list .

price list_1.png

price list_2.png

If an email address / mobile number of the customer has been entered, it is possible to send commercial information through the integration with 4Dem . The option is active if the integration is operational and the flag on the item "Allow sending commercial communications" is present.

"Disability to send receipt via email" instead will allow the sending of a copy of the commercial document to the customer's email address previously entered. The option is active if the flag is not there.



NB It is possible to request the addition of custom fields on the GENERAL tab, such as:


  • "Personal data" allows you to customize the role (eg Employee, Foreign Customer).


  • "Custom Fields" allows you to enter additional customized customer information.


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