Introduction to the Rooms and Tables module

Rooms and tables is the Scloby module that allows you to view and manage the map of your restaurant. You can create and name rooms via the menu button at the top right. The list will be visible through the horizontal bar at the top. Once you have selected the room to be modified, you will be able to create and arrange the tables inside it, or simply view its contents. Finally, the take-away button at the bottom right will allow you to manage this type of order.



Free table

GREEN is the available table color. The number displayed indicates how many covers were associated with the table during the creation phase and can be changed during the order management. Selecting it, a new command will be associated.





Busy table

If the table is occupied it will be RED, so a command is already present. The actual number of seats, the amount spent up to that moment and the occupancy time are indicated (the icon will begin to vibrate if the occupancy time exceeds an hour. For more information on changing this settings go to management and change the General Settings ).

It is also possible to view the progress, determined by the number of outputs.

By selecting the table, you can modify the associated command.

Multi-question table occupied

The RED table indicates that there are one or more orders inside. The number of seats selected is indicated. With a simple touch, you can associate a new order, view the list of created orders, or modify them.


Table that is about to be released

The YELLOW table indicates that the bill has been requested. Selecting it, you will see the associated sale at the checkout.

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