Configuration of the sending of sales data to Ago Infinity, Magix and Omnia

Scloby allows you to send information on the fees issued to the management of accountants in order to automate the accounting. To send the data, you must have an active Digital Hub.

It is possible to send the payment data to the following management systems:

  • Infinity needle
  • Magix
  • Omnia

There are two cases:

  • Case 1: Digital Hub provided by the Accountant
  • Case 2: Digital Hub provided by Scloby or a reseller


Case 1 - Digital Hub provided by the Accountant

You will need to enter your login (or subcontracting) credentials within Scloby. For assistance you can contact Scloby Customer Service.



Case 2 - Digital Hub provided by Scloby or a reseller

To enable the accountant to access your Digital Hub, the following steps must be followed

  1. Log in to your Digital Hub control panel

  2. Select the Users item in the Settings menu

  3. Select the appropriate icon to create a new user

  4. In the window that opens, go to the User section and enable the Enable subcontracting option

  5. Confirm the security message Screen_2021-05-06_at_13.56.37.png

  6. Enter the accountant's email address and press Save

  7. The accountant will receive an email containing the information necessary to automatically download your payments.


In the event that it is necessary to re-send the login credentials to the accountant, simply access the control panel of the Digital Hub, open the Settings menu and go to the Users section. In this section, on the line corresponding to the accountant's email address, the icon is available Screen_2021-05-06_at_14.23.45.png to re-send the credentials.







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