Static token creation

In this section it is possible to generate tokens useful for the integration of external applications, in order to manage, for example, orders from delivery, or from your e-commerce site, consult the data on sales on your management system, or more generally connect third party software via API.

To access the awards section menu.png at the top left, to access the main menu, select SETTINGS, USERS AND PERMITS and then the STATIC TOKENS tab.


Upon logging in, a message will indicate that it is impossible to retrieve previous tokens, as they are not yet available. Click OK to continue.


Create the new token by pressing the key pi_.png bottom right: a window will open that will allow you to choose the type of integration to be activated from a list.


In order to continue, it will be necessary to indicate a brief description of the request, (eg delivery integration, or integration of your e-commerce site). Subsequently it is necessary to choose the type of permissions to be granted to the user who will access Scloby for the development of the integration, according to the methods that best suit those listed in the list.

The token will be generated immediately after selecting Check.png top right.


NB It will be necessary to immediately note the token created, as for security reasons it cannot be viewed a second time. Copy and paste the text note for easier future management.

The token can be shared with the user who will have to communicate the external application with Scloby. In the event that it is necessary to create an ad hoc integration, we recommend that the developer in charge be accredited via the link .

For more details on the systems already integrated see the page .

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