Introduction to the prepaid credit module

The Prepaid Cards module allows you to manage credits for customers in possession of a prepaid card. The card is associated with the customer by assigning a code linked to the card itself ( Specific creation of loyalty cards , Customer creation ). You can access the form from the main menu menu.png , by subsequently selecting Prepaid Cards .

NB you can use this section only after the activation of the Fidelity module, through a simple request via email to .


In this section you can view the list of customers associated with the cards. A search field at the top left will allow you to select a specific customer and then to manually view and manage the related credit.

The icon letter.png at the top right, allows you to send an email to a specific address containing a CSV file with the list of customers and related credits attached.

To view the details of a customer, simply click on a name in the list.


On the left, the credit accumulated following the acquisition of the rest of a meal voucher and the one loaded directly into the cash register will be immediately visible ( Closing the sale and Payment Actions ). Immediately below the total on the card.

On the right screen it is possible to view all the loading / unloading movements (manual and automatic) carried out for the selected customer. By defining a specific date range at the top left, it is also possible to view only the movements made in the predetermined period. In case of synchronization between multiple environments, through the shops list at the top right, it is possible to filter only the movements made in a specific shop.

By pressing the key more.png at the bottom right, manual loading / unloading movements can be created for the selected customer.


Below is a brief description of each individual field:

Date and time By default current date and time, it cannot be changed
Movement type To choose between "loading" or "unloading"
Type of credit To choose between "Prepaid", or "Meal vouchers"
Prepaid amount The value in euros of the amount to be assigned
Note Any additional information regarding the movement

pressing on spunta.png at the top right it will be possible to save the movement created.

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