Contextual sale menu

Pressing the icon mceclip0.png at the top right of the Cashier screen, the menu opens with some additional selling options. Below we will see what the various functions available are for.



New sale

Allows you to create a new empty sale. It will always be possible to recover previously outstanding sales. Learn more about it in Open Sales Management and Account Application .


Save Sale

Useful in case you want to manage other operations, but keep what is recorded in the current sale. When saving the sale, the first thing that is required is the assignment of a name, this will allow you to quickly trace the sale at a later time.



To resume a saved sale, follow the Manage Open Sales and Account Request guide .


Electronic Invoice Options

The option appears only if the "electronic invoice" is activated as a current document. Here you can enter additional information within the electronic invoice, such as:







By selecting " Archive" the sale is apparently deleted and any products enabled for use in the warehouse are downloaded. The operation will only be visible in Analytics . Confirmation of the operation will be requested before proceeding.


NB If automatic cash drawers are used, payment will be initiated by exchange of the amount.


Delete Sale

By selecting " Delete sale" , the current sale is deleted without further changes to the inventory. Confirmation will always be requested.


NB The report of all the deleted sales will be visible on Analytics in the Products -> Sales lines -> Deleted section . The name of the user who performed the operation will also be reported.

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